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Twin-Lobes Rotary Air Blowers / Compressors

MONEX Twin Lobes Rotary Air Blowers are manufactured using advanced assembly and manufacturing techniques. Our Compressors have minute clearance between the Impellers, casing and headplate to minimise "Back Slippage" of air and improve efficiency.
Twin-Lobes Rotary Air Blowers / Compressors

The basic rotary blowers / compressors consist of two eight figure impellers mounted on parallel shafts. These shafts rotate in opposite direction within an elongated Cylindrical housing. As such each impeller lobe passes the inlet, the impeller traps a constant volume of air carries it around case and discharges it at the outlet. This cycles repeats four times with every complete revolution of the drive shaft. With constant speed, operation, the displaced volume is essential the same regardless of pressure, temperature or barometric pressure.

Timing gears control the relative position of the impellers to each other and maintain small but definite clearances. This allows operation without lubrication being required inside air casing and the air delivered is 100% oil free.

The impeller lobes, each of identical profile rotate in unison without touching each other or the casing. Therefore, there is not ear of casing, lobes and headplates which reduces the maintenance problem to great extent.

In standard models the blowers / compressors casing and parts are made of gray iron casting confirming to grade 20/25 of IS: 210. Timing gears are precision-machined bardened alloy steel for langer service life. Lobes are dynamically balanced for smooth operation. Compressores are fitted with over sized antifriction bearings designed to handle v-belt pull.


MONEX Twin lobe rotary air Blower/ Compressor is a positive displacement machine which discharge a constant volume. Pressure is not developed inside the Blower, but by the demand of system. Discharge pressure therefore varies to meet the system's load conditions (pressure and flow). Volume is almost constant with pressure, except for a slight increase in slip as the pressure rises. Horsepower is almost proportional to pressure. This Blower's Characteristics make it deal for low/high pressure applications and vacuums. Motor can be sized accurately to pressure requirements.


• 100% oil free air delivery.
• High volumetric efficiency.
• Positive air displacement.
• Horizontal or vertical air flow (Inlet and outlet).
• Less operating power required.
• Dynamically balanced lobes for smooth operation and longer life.
• Over sized antifriction bearings for longer operating life.


Some of the typical applications of these Blowers / Compressors are :-

• Effluent/ Water Treatment Plant.
• Air Agitation of chemical solution.
• Filter Bed Agitation.
• Sulphation process-Sugar plants.
• Cement Blending, Aeration & Fluidation.
• Pneumatic Conveying- Cement Chemicals.
• Fertiliser & Chemical Plants.
• Pressuration of high altitude Chambers.
• Air Blowing Glass Industry.
• Agitation of liquids-Electroplating plants, Ice-plants, Lamps & Luminaries manufacturing plants etc.
• Centralised Vacuum cleaning.
• Boosting or Evacuation of gases.
• Fisheries/ Hatcheries / Aquaculture


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